22 novembre 2006


Voilà un premier petit article sur HWY115 qui sort aujourd'hui dans les librairies américaines si je n'm'abuse... Ben c'est pas un livre pour les mauviettes!(expurgé de Library Journal)

Lehmann, Matthias. Hwy. 115. Fantagraphics. Jan. 2007. 240p. ISBN 1-56097-733-7 [ISBN 978-1-56097-733-9]. $19.95. F

Franco-Brazilian Lehmann, who lives in Paris, is a newcomer to the full-length graphic novel scene with this debut, which was originally published in French as L'Ettoufeur de la RN115 to much acclaim. René Pluriel is a hard-boiled French detective on the trail of Robert Illot, the "Heimlich Killer," who has recently escaped from a mental institution. Illot appears to have picked up where he left off—that is, murdering his unfortunate victims by choking them using whatever objects appear to be handy (light bulbs, roller skates, roasted chickens). Pluriel picks up help along the way in the form of the tough dame Agatha, whose extensive notes pull them closer and closer to the shadowy killer. Lehmann's heavy scratchboard style complements Illot's dark world of criminals and crazies. A reader can share the pressure of Pluriel's obsession and his mounting misgivings the closer he gets to Illot through the artist's dark lines, as well as through the narrative's reliance on dreams, hallucinations, and flashbacks to propel itself forward. With graphic violence, prostitution, nudity, and overall noirish tendencies, this is definitely suited—and highly recommended—for adult collections.—Ruthanne Price, Vaughan Pub. Libs., Ont.